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"The future depends on what you do today"

- Mahatma Ghandhi

Fisconsult – Sinews Group is an international multi-family office group

Our Group capitalises on its know-how in Wealth Management and Fiscal Advisory to offer global tailor-made family office solutions and assist customers in structuring and managing their wealth. 

Luxembourg  |  Geneva  |  Brussels |  Martigny  | Mauritius  | London 


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Upcoming Event

Join our  next event in South Africa, where we discuss the latest on Equity Markets and structures for Business and Wealth Management. 

About us

We proactively gauge market behaviours and bring customised solutions to cater for the needs of our customers.


We operate with the highest standards of transparency and confidentiality vis-à-vis our customers whom we respect profoundly.


We are completely independent and are therefore free to pick business partners (banks, lawyers, insurance companies) who are best adapted to the specific needs of our customers worldwide.

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We personalise each business setup, based on your requirements with the best efficient structure in mind, while keeping in mind longer term goals.

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We offer asset management services whilst being totally independent, hence the freedom to offer the highest degree of transparency.


Property Acquisition

Discover options on how to acquire property, whether it is business investment or succession for your family, while being tax efficient. 

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Business Structuring

We custom design business structures that caters for Personal Wealth Creation. From Mergers and Acquisition to Property Investments, we assist and advise customers in their journey, including  succession planning, investment advisory and related services.

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