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Global Business

About us

Sinews Global is based in Mauritius and London, working with customers around the world, to design and manage bespoke structures for their business and personal assets.

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Global business

Management Services

We help you set up global business with holdings and subsidiary structures that deliver the best suited domiciliations with efficient taxation, exchange controls and yields.

Global Business

About us

Sinews Global is based in Mauritius, working with customers around the world, to assist customers with the most efficient structures to manage their business and personal assets.

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Asset protection

Trust Administration

We assist with Trust formation, where you can manage your assets, for distribution after your death according to your wishes, thus helping save your family money, time, and paperwork.

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Wealth Management

We manage your wealth portfolio in accordance with your established profile and expectations. Our investment philosophy mainly rely on two pillars; a) the quality of the stocks we pick, and b) a long-term horizon. 


Real Estate

We concentrate on the European and Mauritian Real Estate territories. We offer customers with possibilities to investment in our own real estate fund, and/or projects which we promote and manage internally.

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Fund Administration

We assist customers with setup, administration and management of their own Funds. We also provide Fund Advisory Services to third-parties. Our group also manages and administers our own funds.


As an independent group, we help you in the selection of the most appropriate banks, custodians, legal and tax advisors. 


Mergers and Acquisitions

As an independent provider, we provide cross-border Mergers and Acquisition advisory support with a team of more than 50 qualified finance and legal professionals with experience delivering solutions internationally.

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Meet The Founder

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Seilendra Gokhool

Co-Founder & Partner

Chief Executive Officer

Sinews Global

Mauritius, London

About the Founder

Seilendra Gokhool is a first class degree graduate from the London School of Economics. He has held numerous responsibilities as Board Member of various Corporates in Mauritius, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Seilendra operates in very regulated environments in the financial services space in Mauritius, London, and Europe, and is therefore very comfortable in delivering services subject to business plans, stakeholder intentions, guidelines, and regulations.

Seilendra is the Founder of Sinews Global, an entity fully regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius to provide Fiduciary and Management Services to customers.

Seilendra has more than 25 years of experience at Managerial and Directorate Level, of which more than 15 years in Financial Services.

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