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Retiring in Mauritius

With Covid-19 and future pandemic looming, Mauritius welcomes those who wish to retire here, in a safe (Covid-Free) environment, where you can relax and enjoy. With on-going developments in the Smart Cities, Health-Care and Safety is constantly being upgraded.

About the Scheme

  • A Retired Non-Citizen is defined as a person who is not a citizen of Mauritius and aged 50 or above.

  • A Retired Non-Citizen should make an initial transfer of USD 1,500 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency in his/her local bank account at the time of issuance of the Permit.

  • Thereafter, the Retired Non-Citizen should transfer at least USD 1,500 monthly or the aggregate of USD 18,000 per year or its equivalent in freely convertible currency during the 10 years validity of the occupational permit.

  • At the end of each year, the Retired Non-Citizen must submit to the EDB (Economic Development Board) the evidence of transfer of funds into his/her local bank account.

Right to invest as a Retired Non-Citizen

A Holder of a Residence Permit as Retired Non-Citizen may invest in any business provided that:

  1. He/She is not employed in the business.

  2. He/She does not manage the business.

  3. He/She does not derive any salary or employment benefits from the business.


The Dependents of the Retired Non-Citizen with a valid Resident Permit, is also eligible to apply for a Residence Permit. Dependents are defined as Spouse (including common law partner of the opposite sex), parents and children including step children or lawfully adopted children, under 24 years of age.


  • In case the depend wishes to work in Mauritius, he/she will have to apply for a work permit or an Occupational Permit, as the case may be.

  • The Retired Non-Citizen should also provide information on other residences that he/she may have in other jurisdictions, including tax residences. This information will be shared with the Mauritian Tax Authority to be in line with the prevailing Common Reporting Standard (CRS) adopted by the Republic of Mauritius.

  • All applications are now done online.

For more information, please email us at

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