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Smart Cities

The Smart City Scheme in Mauritius embeds the vision of sustainable cities, with innovation and smart technology to bring a work, life and play concept, incorporated in mix use developments.

The focus is to deliver a happier lifestyle through the development of self-sufficient cities offering integrated sustainable solutions and ensuring minimum wastage and maximum comfort for the long-term benefit of all citizens and the future generations irrespective of social and economic class.

Dedicated to bringing these ambitious goals to life, the Government of Mauritius has set up the ‘Smart City Scheme’, providing a clearly defined enabling framework and an attractive package of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to investors. This paves the way for tremendous investment opportunities in a wide array of components in the pioneering urban development.

There are currently 10 Smart Cities in development across Mauritius.

1. Mon Desert Mon Tresor

To learn more about smart cities, please email

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