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European Selection Fund - Aug 2022

Factsheet: August 2022


The Fund's objective is to achieve optimal capital growth over the long term through the active management of a portfolio of large-capitalisation stocks based primarily in a member country of the European Union or the European Economic Area.

The investment strategy is based on a fundamental analysis. The stock selection process is based on the activity of companies, their governance, financial structure, and development prospects. The fund aims to identify companies with dominant positions, high reinvestment capacity, and low debt.

The recommended investment horizon is 5 years. The reference currency is the Euro.


European markets experienced another downturn in August, while central bankers followed Jay Powell's strong message at Jackson Hole's gathering and announced pursued interest rate hikes. For the relevant period (28.07.2022 to 01.09.2022), markets plunged again with -5.35% for the Euro Stoxx 50, -5.80% for the Stoxx Europe 600, and -4.81% for the CAC 40.

Only the Energy sector was up (+1.93%) while the Retail sector was the biggest loser (-12.90%).

The Fund

The FFM European Selection Fund was down for the relevant period (28.07.2022 to 01.09.2022) by -8.69%.

The month’s top three consisted of Temenos (+5.73%), Coloplast (down -0.05%) and Swedish Match (down -1.92%).

Sonova (-24.97%) experienced a record drop of -15.9% in a single day (08/16) as it lowered its objectives for the year due in particular to a slower development of sales. Interpump, with a drop of -14.97% and Spirax-Sarco (-14.38%) where the least performers, over the month.

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